Uzaktan Eğitim / Distance Learning

Zaman ve mekan konusundaki sınırlarınızı kaldırarak, hızlı ve efektif öğrenme metodları ile kişisel gelişiminize katkıda bulunuyorum.

Removing your borders about timing and space, I personnaly contribute to your personal development with fast and effective learning methods


Lessons to be provided: English and Turkish

Face to  face live lessons- For students as well as Adult Learners

Level :  Elementary – Intermediate – Advanced

Availability: Weekdays (after school/evenings) and weekends (any time)


I am a highly experienced and enthusiastic private tutor with 21 years experience. I tutor particularly Turkish pupils from age 5 to 15 who needs special help and support to be successful  at the school in English practice.  Additionally I`ve been teaching Turkish and English particularly for Turkish Adults who are in need of support both in their Professional and Private lives.

I’ve been working for a long time one to one with pupils and adults and am quite sensitive to their needs and achievements. My ultimate aim is to providing best results.

I`ve studied at TTI London in 1999 since then I`ve been teaching for both pupils and adults.

Please ask for further clarification, if you are interested in.

You can cоntаct me any time tо аrrаnge suitаble dаys / times.

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